water oevrflow alarm bell light sensor switch timer automatic water tank level pump controller

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  20 + Business Years    5 Years Warranty    1000s of Satisfied Users
Its been 20 years now, since 1996 in manufacturing water and lighting controls to help sensible people save water and electricity. In these years we have developed products and ourselves to take on new challenges, as we wish to keep getting better.  Please click here to let us know how we are doing.  On completing 20 years in this business, we have upgraded warranty of our controls for homes to be 5 years, to provide buyers complete peace of mind and savings by stopping wastage of water and electricity. Extended warranty is for most popular control  models OC1/2, ALC1/2 and AWLC1/2. Our best spokes person are those sensible people who had been saving lot of water and electricity by using our controls, since many years. Not just best of products but we are known for best of after sale service and support also. To know about SensaSwitch users near you, please click here to share your area and contacts