water overflow  alamr overflow autostop Fully Automatic water pump control


  20 + Business Years    5 Years Warranty    1000s of Satisfied Users
For about 20 years now,  we have been manufacturing water and electrcity saving controls to help sensible people save water and electricity. There is only one thing we have doing all these years, making our controls better, making our after sale support better, making our understanding of your needs better and finally make ourselves better to deilverwhat you expect from our products, that is peace of mind.  We used to give one year standard warranty and told buyers that expected life cycle of a control is 5 years. Over years we developed controls to a level where we found  that our controls generally do not require repairs or very less repairs in their expected life cycle of 5 years. So to ensure greater peace of mind and value for money now we offer extended warranty under certain terms and conditions About 80% of our business comes through references and repeat orders from people who had used our controls for many years. So we usually do not waste much time to sell, we simply let it to be done by our buyers by sharing list of sensaswitch users in their areas to check for themselves, what sensaswitch controls stand for. Obviously we are happy that our buyers do much better job at promoting us.