Q1: Why buy SensaSwitch devices ?

A1: SensaSwitch devices are priced to high levels of safety, reliablity and durability. For example SensaSwitch Overflow Control Alarm (SensaSwitch-OCA), the key features are 1) SAFETY - due to fool proof insulation from mains with copper wound transformer 2) RELIABILITY of water sensors due to working without maintenance over years 3) DURABILITY due to especially fabricated enclosures and water sensors.  4) ONE YEAR WARRANTY to ensure value for money. With such features, we are sure you will agree that SensaSwitch devices are priced to what SensaSwitch provides - safety, reliability and durability.


Q2: What is the warranty period for SensaSwitch devices?

A2: SensaSwitch offers ONE YEAR WARRANTY for all product sold online as per warranty policy terms published on this website. Please click here to check or save sensaswitch warranty policy terms and conditions.


Q3: What to do if a device becomes defective during warranty period?

A3: You will need to contact us with purchase invoice number. We will confirm warranty status of your device and you will need to pack the device safely and return it back to address - SensaSwitch Electronic Systems, 71A, Long Street, Shekhpura, Patiala PB 147002.

Within 30 days from date of delivery, we offer immediate replacement with new device on your sharing the proof (courier reciept with tracking code) for the return booked by you. We may provide replacement with new device within warranty period depending upon condition of device. If condition of device does not allow replacement with new device we shall repair the device and send it back to buyer.


Q4: Who pays for to and fro charges, within warranty period?

A4: Within warranty period buyer only pays for movement of product from buyer to SensaSwitch. For movement of product from SensaSwitch to buyer, SensaSwitch pays the charges. SensaSwitch uses India Post Parcel (from govt post office) service as it is very reliable and reasonably priced service, which provides for on route package tracking also. Buyers are also advised to use India Post Parcel service (from govt post office).


Q5: Can buyer return product and get refund?

A5: Yes we accept returns and issue refund are per our policy for order cancellation and refunds. Please click here to check and save our cancellation and refunds policy.