Auto Level Control, Model ALC-1

automatic overhead water tank level control

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      • Control Function
      • ALC-1 eliminates all kind of water worries by ensuring regular water supply at all hours.
      • It automatically starts water pump when overhead water tank level falls below half level.
      • It automatically stops water pump when overhead water tank level reaches full level.
      • Control Application
      • For single phase (220vac) input supply pumps
      • For single switch (ON/OFF) operated, please click here to know more about switches
      • For pump sets up to 3 Hp power (max. 15 Amps starting load)
      • Pumping up overhead raw water storage tanks
      • Important Features
      • Water tank half & low water level indications on panel.
      • Auto select toggle to disable automatic start, if needed during water tank cleaning / repairs.
      • Manual start push button to run pump when auto-start disabled (auto-stop remains).
      • Pre-connected maintenance free water sensor set, suitable for most water tanks.
      • 25 Amps rated control switch for single phase, single switch operated pumps up to 3 Hp.
      • Easy to understand & install with color coded input, output and sensing signal connections.  
      • Water Sensor Set
      • Maintenance free water sensors, for raw (unprocessed tap/ground/ sea) water.
      • Not suitable for processed (Dm/ Ro) waters and waste (sewage / storm/ sludge) water.
      • Suitable for use in water at normal ambient temperatures (5- 50 degree Celsius).
water level sensor set3
      • Installation & Connections
      • Main control unit must be installed at a place safe from rain water and splashes.3
      • Water sensors should be placed in freely hanging position in water tank (no fixing required).
      • 2 pair telephone signal wire .40mm copper recommended for use as signal wire.

auto level control connections diagram

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