Different Type of  Maintenance Free Water Sensors Offered by SensaSwitch

water sensor set

water sensor

waste water sensors micro level sensor

Raw Water Sensors

DM Water Sensors

Waste/ ETP Water Sensors

Micro Level Sensors


SensaSwitch Provides Controls To Reliably Sense All Type of Water

automatic water level control
water treatment plant automation sludge water pump controls public water sewerage works pump controls

Raw Water Sensing

ETP Water

Sludge Water

Sewerage/ Storm Water


SensaSwitch Provides Control Model for All Type of Pump Sets

submersible / borewell pump controls
water lifting pumps
jet pump controls
sludge water pumps

SensaSwitch Provides Technically Correct Control For Each Type of Switch / Starter

switch operated pumpsets
water level control systems
3 phase water pumping automation
start delta starter panel

Single Phase Single Switch

Single Phase Double Push

Three Phase DoL Starter

Three Phase Star Delta Starter


SensaSwitch Offers Control to Automate All Type of Pumping Systems

overhead tank pumping control

Pumping Level Up (Filling)

Pumping Level Down (Emptying)

Water Lifting (Simultanoeus Pump Up & Pump Down)


SensaSwitch Offers A Perfect Control For Every Water Tank Control Need

Overflow Control Alarm Overflow Auto-Stop Controls Auto Overhead Controls AUTO WATER PUMP CONTROL



Automatic Controls

Water Lifting Automations


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